2010 Peter Stocker founded his company "Stocker Mechatronik" in his garage in Häselgehr. At the beginning his main field of work has been small hydro power plants in the local area.

Continuous growth

From the first year the young company developed very well. The range of services increased with time but the small production facility (300 m2) limited the number of employees and the production capacity. 

Participation of Reutte Holding AG

Because of the excellent business development Peter Stocker and the Reutte Holding AG decided to form a strategic partnership in 2016. Together we are heading for new markets and business areas.

To represent this step the company was renamed to "Stocker Technik GmbH". 

Moving to our new manufacturing site

After an intensive searching process we developed the idea to use empty areas of the kdg Campus in Elbigenalp. In summer 2017 we were able to move into our new company's location with an area of 1.400 m².

First drinking water power plant in Japan

In spring 2018 we were able to celebrate a special milestone for our company. For the first time we

planned, developed, constructed and commissioned a complete hydro power plant outside Europe.

At the prefecture Tokio the first drinking water power plant of Japan provides clean energy.

Our costumers trusted the solid craftsmanship and engineering expertise of our house. 

Hydraulic engineering laboratory

Recently, an in-house hydraulic engineering laboratory will be built. It enables our customers to experience our products live and follow the Stocker-engineers at improving and inventing products. 

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